What is the difference between the flexi and the latex waist trainers? 
Flexi: The Flexi Trainer is more elasticated, very safe and stretches to mould with your body for daily wear although still tight enough to constrain the waist region to achieve your desired results. 
Latex: The Latex Trainer is made out of a stronger, thicker and sturdier material and also longer in length. We generally recommend latex as the quality is relatively better than the Flexi Trainer, especially for those with a longer torso.

What is the difference between the latex clip and the latex zip? 
Latex clip has three rows of adjustable hooks which allows you to move down in sizes. 
Latex zip has four tabs of 1 row of clips with one zip. This trainer would benefit those who will struggle with the clips or doesn't have time to do up the standard. 

Which trainer is best for working out in? 
When it comes to working out in our waist trainers it comes to your personal preference, there is no right or wrong waist trainer for working out.

How do I choose my correct size? 
To make sure you get the correct size grab a measuring tape and take your measurements for your bust, waist and hips. Once you have these refer to our size guide to get the correct size for you. 


Measure bust at narrowest point 

Measure waist at fullest point

Measure hips at widest point 
If you find your measurements span across two or three different sizes then order your waist trainer with primary respect to the waist measurement, waist size should always take precedence.

How long are the waist trainers?

Our flexi trainer is 24.5cm long and the latex trainer is 30 cm long. Generally, the waist trainer should sit just below the breast and on/above the hips.

My item is on Pre-Order what does that mean?

Pre-order means that we have sold out of that particular style or size and will be waiting for delivery from our supplier. Pre-order status usually lasts between 1-3 weeks depending on customs.

How do I care for my waist trainer?

Hand wash your garment and air dry. Avoid washing machines and tumble dryers as this will void the warranty.

I want to order the bundle in different sizes. How can I do that?

All bundles are for one size only. If you are wanting different sizes you will need to choose the two single waist trainers in the size you are wanting.

How long should I wear my waist trainer for?

We recommend that the first few days of wearing the trainer to wear for a limited amount of time 2 - 6 hours per day. Gradually add an hour or two to your regimen until you are able to wear the trainer throughout the entire day. Make sure that you feel comfortable while wearing it, if you have any discomfort please discontinue.

Can I wear the waist trainer overnight?

Sleep plays an important role in your physical and emotional health and well-being and your body does not need to be put under the pressure of the waist trainer while it's “recovering”. Therefore we would not recommend wearing the waist trainer overnight.

I have back/spinal problems. Can I still wear a waist trainer?

We have had many customers who use our waist trainers to aid them with their back problems, scoliosis, and spinal issues so they don’t have to wear bulky medical braces. Please if you have any concerns, please consult your doctor beforehand.

I just had a baby! When can I start using a waist trainer?

We recommend waiting 2-3 weeks after giving birth before you start waist training. If you have had a caesarian you will need to wait until you are fully healed as the waist trainer could be sitting on the incision.

Will there be any damage to my body internally?

Our waist trainers are not strong enough to cause any internal damage to your body, they are not corsets which are made of a stronger material that causes organs and the floating ribs to be pushed in and up. They are a form of shapewear, like spanx that you can get from your local department store.

How should the waist trainer feel while wearing it?

It should feel “fitted” with slight compression. It should NOT make you feel sick or breathless if you are feeling this please stop wearing the waist trainer (you might have ordered a size too small if this is the case).

Do you have a location where I can try on the waist trainer?

We don’t have any physical locations and are currently only operating our online shop.